Our Clients

Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized entities. Many of them are family-owned enterprises, which have placed their trust in us.

This is also true for many of our clients, who entrust us with their income tax returns or enlist our advice on their renting and leasing activities, and capital assets.

Our clients include the following sectors and individuals:

Trade and crafts
e.g. bakers, print offices, hairdressers, stone cutters, carpenters, painters

Building industry
e.g. gardening, subconstruction work, electricians, heating installations, management assistants in real estate, plumbing business, caretaker services, tilers, parquet recliners, building surveyors

e.g. wholesale and retail, commercial agencies, industrial supplies, second-hand shops, online shops

e.g. designer, corporate consultants, engineers, notaries, lawyers, interpreters, PR-agencies, journalists

Service Provider
e.g. advertising, IT consultancy, property management, photographers, office management, nannies, motor vehicle experts, event management

e.g. doctors, pedicurists, psychologists, alternative practitioners, speech therapists

Catering and gastronomy

Private clients

„The ignorance of tax laws doesn’t exempt from the obligation to pay taxes.
But knowledge, commonly, does.”
Meyer Amschel Rothschild 1744-1812,
deutscher Bankier