Business management consulting – The success report

We not only offer the full range from payroll and salary accounting to net income method, annual statement of accounts and tax return, but also regard ourselves as your business coaches. The success report represents a new partnership between you as entrepreneur and us as your "directing tax consultants". This means:

  • Together as team to deliver top performance
  • Continuous communication and problem-solving
  • Transparency of fees in advance

Do you need, at the earliest point in time, facts in the form of current accounting numbers, meaningful, high-quality data and appraisals to enable you to direct your business effectively, make decisions for the future and achieve reliable forward planning?

You do? Well, the success report includes the following aspects:

Facts/SecurityÖffnen / Schließen

  • Punctual monthly evaluation of your accounts at the level of an annual statement of accounts
  • During the year, profit and tax projections
  • At any time, facts about the expected annual tax

Planning/ControllingÖffnen / Schließen

  • Updated KPI’s for investment and financial planning
  • Monthly target-performance comparison as basis for business decisions and planning

Communication/ConsultancyÖffnen / Schließen

  • Regular exchange of information and active support
  • Prompt reaction to changes
  • Timely processing of information
  • Monthly client meeting about current developments and monthly accounts

Success previewÖffnen / Schließen

  • Analysis of opportunities and risks
  • Target and strategy discussions

„The ignorance of tax laws doesn’t exempt from the obligation to pay taxes.
But knowledge, commonly, does.”
Meyer Amschel Rothschild 1744-1812,
deutscher Bankier